The Symposium

7th International Bacterial Wilt Symposium

Bacterial wilt caused by plant pathogenic Ralstonia species is one of the most important diseases affecting the production of many important food crops. Because of its very broad host range and wide geographical distribution, it is arguably the world’s single most harmful bacterial plant pathogen.
A large scientific community has been dedicated to studying bacterial wilt diseases worldwide. Several International Bacterial Wilt Symposia (IBWS) have been organized in different locations across the world including Taiwan (1992), Guadeloupe (1997), White River (2002), York (2006), Wuhan (2011), and Toulouse (2016). This event has become a reference meeting for the scientific community working on this relevant topic. The 7th IBWS edition will be held in Montevideo, Uruguay in March 2023, being the first time that this meeting will take place in a South American country.
The conference mission is to exchange the latest research breakthroughs and discuss long-term strategies to control bacterial wilt diseases in different crops. The program of the symposium covers both fundamental and applied research topics including evolutionary dynamics of pathogen populations, methods for detection and diagnosis, key effectors involved in pathogenicity, plant defence responses, impact of bacterial wilt on important crops and new disease control approaches. Partaking advances of research and innovative ideas, this event will promote collaborative research within our scientific community.

We invite you to be part of this meeting from March 19 to 24, 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

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