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Uruguay stands in tenth place in the Lonely Planet editorial list as one of the best destinations to visit in Latin America. Lonely Planet said: ¨Wedged like a grape between Brazil’s gargantuan thumb and Argentina’s long forefinger, Uruguay has always been something of an underdog. Yet after two centuries living in the shadow of its neighbors, South America’s smallest country is finally getting a little well-deserved recognition. Progressive, stable, safe and culturally sophisticated, Uruguay offers visitors opportunities to experience everyday ‘not made for tourists’ moments, whether caught in a cow-and-gaucho (cowboy) traffic jam on a dirt road to nowhere or strolling with maté-toting locals along Montevideo’s beachfront.¨
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Here you can find information in Spanish, English and Portuguese about Montevideo: https://www.descubrimontevideo.uy/

Punta Carretas Neighborhood

The simposyum is held at the Engineering School – Udelar, in the neigborhood of Punta Carretas. Framed by Rodo Park, Rambla Costanera and Pocitos, the Punta Carretas neighborhood is located, an exclusive area with high-class buildings, the mythical Golf Club and some of the most privileged views of Montevideo. The gastronomic proposal and the offer of varied services abound in a neighborhood that despite its continuous renovation still conserves old buildings in a perfect state of maintenance, and accentuates the contrast between modern and classic. Although today it is one of the most residential neighborhoods, with an enviable architectural layout, the development of the area is very close in time. In its beginnings it was seen as a marginal zone, where only fishermen and washerwomen visited. Later in time, at the beginning of the 20th century, the penitentiary complex called "Penal de Punta Carretas" was inaugurated, which extended the vision of the neighborhood in time, since it slowed down the growth of the place. With the passage of time the city was absorbing the spaces that limited the jail, the construction arose, and together with the construction of the "Punta Carretas Shopping", in the place where the "Penal de Punta Carretas" had been installed, the area It began to be what it is today, one of the best neighborhoods in Montevideo to live or visit.


Hotel Cala di Volpe
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Hotel Dazzler
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OWN Montevideo
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