Travel Award

In honour of Alan Christopher Hayward and Philippe Prior, pioneers in the research of bacterial wilt and outstanding professionals who devoted their lives to research, the Organizing Committee is delighted to offer travel grants to eligible student, post-doc, and early career professionals to attend the 7th International Bacterial Wilt Symposium.

Hayward - Prior Travel Award

Alan C. (Chris) Hayward, 1932-2014


Alan Christopher Hayward, known to us all as Chris, was an outstanding teacher and scientist from the Department of Microbiology at University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, where he spent 32 years before his retirement in 1997. Chris was internationally recognized as a noted authority on bacterial wilt, making pioneering research on the taxonomyand identification of bacterial plant pathogens in general.

Philippe Prior (1957-2018)


Philippe Prior devoted his professional life to understanding the epidemiology and population biology of the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex. He was a research leader from the Department of Plant Health and Environment at INRA. He spent his carreer at INRA in Guadeloupe - French West Indies, at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, at INRA in Avignon and finally at the plant protection center in Reunion Island. His fascination with the diversity of this group of plant pathogenic bacteria led him to collect thousands of strains from six continents and to develop the robust phylotype-sequevar classification scheme. Philippe built strong collaborations with scientists around the world and was an outstanding mentor to many students over the years. His extraordinary knowledge and warm personality are sorely missed.

Travel Award

7IBWS2023 is accepting applications for “Hayward- Prior Travel Awards” for eligible student, post-doc, and early career professionals to attend the 7th international Bacterial wilt Symposium, 19-24 March, 2023 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Applicants who previously applied for the grant will be contacted.

Awards starting at 250 USD may be used to pay for registration, travel, and/or lodging expenses. Award selection will be based on the research abstract, impact statement and curriculum vitae of the applicant.


Students, post-docs, and early career professionals (i.e. individuals who have received a Ph.D no more than 5 years prior to application), enrolled or employed in programs focused on bacterial wilt research.

Deadline and Application Details

Submission deadline: 28 november, 2022

Please include the following documents in your PDF file in this order:

- A statement (up to one-page) indicating how attending this symposium will impact your research and/or career. Include with this statement the name and email of one faculty member as endorsement for your application.

- Curriculum vitae (up to three-pages)

Award Results

The Hayward Award jury will review all applications received before the deadline and all applicants will be notified of the travel award results when acceptance is communicated.

Please note that the award recipients will be reimbursed during the conference.

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