Punta del Este


Guided tour to Punta del Este


About Punta del Este

Punta del Este is located on the Southeast end of Uruguay, 130 km from Montevideo, on a long peninsula of sand, woodlands and rocks from which it has taken its name. This is one of the most important and popular tourist destinations in the country, chosen by thousands of visitors of all ages and nationalities. Punta del Este is one of those places in the world where everybody wants to return, maybe because its beautiful beaches are the perfect destination for those who are in search of sunshine, white sand, woodlands, clear waters and much glamour.

Date: Wed 22nd March

Duration 1: one day, leaving Montevideo by bus at 8:00 am and returning in the evening.

Places to visit:


  • “Rambla” of Punta del Este

We will stroll along the beautiful coastline of Punta del Este to admire its beach and will visit the emblematic “La Mano” or “Los Dedos” gigantic sculpture. La Mano is a sculpture in Punta del Este by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal. It depicts five human fingers partially emerging from sand. It is also known as either Los Dedos, or Hombre emergiendo a la vida. In English, its popular name is The Hand. It is a famous sculpture that has become a symbol for Punta del Este since its completion in February 1982 and in turn has become one of Uruguay's most recognizable landmarks.



  • MACA (Museum of Contemporary Art Atchugarry): 

A museum to preserve the dreams of artists.

The 40-hectare International Sculpture Park was designed in dialogue with the landscape and offers the viewer a natural setting in which to appreciate the monumentality of the works of national and international artists. With a special focus on the diversity of expressive languages, the park is part of the museum and is open to visitors all year round.


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  • Casapueblo

Before leaving to Montevideo, we will make a stop at Casapueblo to appreciate one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Casapueblo is a building constructed by the Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró. It is located in Punta Ballena, 13 kilometres from Punta del Este. Initially, it was the artist's summer home and workshop, and includes a museum, an art gallery, a cafeteria and a hotel in its facilities. It was the permanent residence of its creator, where he worked and where he spent his last days there.

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Price per person: USD 100.

The price of the tour is not included in your registration fee.

The price includes guided tour in English, transfer Montevideo-Punta del Este-Montevideo, wine tasting experience and entrance tickets to places we will visit. It does not include lunch.

Registration and Conditions;You are required to register in advance to take part in the guided tour to Punta del Este. Registration deadline: 12th March, 2023

Payment can only be effected in cash in Montevideo at the congress venue by latest 20th March, 2023.

Cancellation: If you registered to take part in the tour and later decide to cancel, you will still be required to effect payment.